Figurative sculpture

OFF Balance


March 5-30, 2019
Reception March 7, 6-8pm

Ceres Gallery
547 West 27th Street #201
New York, NY 10001


OFF Balance

“Instability of one’s mind or feelings.”
“A condition in which different elements are not equal or in the correct proportions.”

This body of work represents a balancing act between overtly feminine forms and iconic ones. The pieces are not even, stable, or correctly proportioned. They are vulnerable and fragile in appearance with imagery evoking bones, trees, totems, and fertility figures.

Line rather than mass is the predominant consideration in this work. Inspiration is informed by the work of Modigliani and Matisse. All the pieces are made with light weight materials balanced at their tipping point.

In this exhibition, Brody explores papièr maché and the addition of color as well as continuing with her cement work. The papièr maché torsos are remade from previous work, reshaped, reimagined with thinner faces, arms/hands, and more acute angles. By manipulating the figures and distorting them, the women grow stronger and emotionally truer.

Brody’s typical vocabulary includes elongated figures grouped. The cement figures are intended to create a “forest of women.” For the past several decades, Brody has worked with series of figures echoing her fascination with the society and place of women.

All the work is done as an emotional and instinctive response to the world. The figures cannot be explained intellectually; they grow from their act of creation. Brody works in a light weight cement and in papièr maché with found magazine imagery and mulberry paper.

Art is an island of repose in the every more challenging world of current affairs.

Jo-Ann Brody, 2019

installation shots from the gallery.