February 1 to 26, 2021

Reception: Saturday, February 26, 3-5 pm

Brody, Pauline’s Apple Tree, Papier mache, 15.25 x 11 x 4.5″, 2022
Liz Ndoye, Tumbling Dolls, Uniball pen on paper, 11 x 8″, 2021

Ceres Gallery presents Jo-Ann Brody, sculptor, and Liz Ndoye, mixed media/fiber artist, in SOLO / Duo – Culture and Stance, a blended show.Brody and Ndoye have shown together before but this is their first blended show. Their work and styles compliment each other. Both are figurative artists but their approaches are unique to their individual concepts. Brody is focused on the form and stance of her figures while Ndoye is trying to capture the fictional cultural milieu of her dolls.
Brody started with clay sculpture; she moved to cement to create larger, life sized women. Both materials are from the earth and retained their earth tones; currently she is working in papier mache—still figurative but now with color and collaged image from her photography and from magazines and books. The forms are familiar but the addition of image and color adds a new dimension. There are references to her surroundings encountered on daily walks. Stance remains paramount to her work. 
Liz Ndoye continues her love affair with her doll “creatures” – soft, fabric, humanoid figures that she makes and installs in tandem with her large canvases and drawings in order to depict aspects of their doll culture and existence. In this, her latest show at Ceres, she will attempt to convey and share her passion for and joyous communion with her doll creations. She makes dolls, paints and draws them, and creates installations that celebrate their healing, happy qualities. 
Mara Mills, Studio of Theater in Exile, Donna Barkman, and Jo-Ann Brodywill read Perfect Mind. a poem written by a woman 600 AD, which Mills adapted to fit the exhibit. The reading is offered on screen at the exhibition, and online on Ceres, Studio Theater in Exile, and Hudson Valley MOCA’s websites.

The artists will be in the gallery by appointment.

All Covid restrictions will be followed.

Seated Figures

Trio, 2020, Papier Mache, 22-24 inches tall

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