Pandemic Work

The Arc of the Viral Universe

A Notebook Project 
Organized by Carla Rae Johnson

In one year fill the 96 pages of your notebook with drawings/sketches, poetry, writing, lyrics, journaling, word art, cartoons, puzzles, collages+, questions, photos, image montages, rubber stamping, stickers, cutting, fold-outs, ideas, graphics, protests, digital art, abstractions, or non-objective art of color, line, texture, shapes, etc. 

Highland Falls ArtWalk
Highland Falls NY
May 5-Oct 30

Figure on a Bench, 2011-2021, cement, cement colors


Forest for the Trees, 2020, Papier mache

Outside my Oeuvre

Houses, 2020, Papier mache


Resolution (figure), 2020, Papier mache




June 10
Center for Digital Arts at WCC
27 N. Division St, Peekskill NY 

Pair, 2021, Papier Mache,


June 10
Art OUT Loud
Sun River Health’s Jeannette J. Phillips Health Center
1037 Main Street, Peekskill NY  

Medusa Hair, 2020, Papier Mache


JUNE 19,
24TH Annual North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show
Main Street, North Bennington, VT

Dialog, colored cement, life sized

NBOSS at the Museum
Bennington Museum
75 Main Street, Bennington VT 

My American Family, cement, rebar, pvc pipe

September 4 – October 31, 2021 
Collaborative Concepts at Tillly Foster Farm
Brewster NY

February 2-26, 2022
Solo/Duo Jo-Ann Brody and Liz Ndoye
Ceres Gallery
547 W. 27th St NYC

Life as It Is Now

Ceres Gallery 547 West 27th St Suite 201 New York, NY 10001

ceresgallery.org. 212-947-6100

The closures and social distancing brought on by the coronavirus pandemic resulted in Ceres Gallery being closed from March 16, 2020 to September 8, 2020, a period of almost six months. Ceres has never before been closed for more than two or three weeks in its more than thirty-five year history. The quarantine separated our artists from each other and, in many cases, from their studios, for a previously unimaginable period of time.

But the artists of Ceres are indefatigable and so they enthusiastically planned a grand group exhibition for the reopening. We now bring you that exhibition, titled Life As It Is Now, expressing for each of the participating artists, how these difficult circumstances have affected their work and their lives. Through the mediums of painting, drawing, printing, photography and sculpture, communicating their point of view employing abstraction, representation or figuration, Ceres artists bring you their interpretation of the present moment in time, a moment certainly unparalleled in our lifetimes.

The pandemic, the election, the environmental, social and political upheavals and how artists see our world will be on view for three weeks. There will be no opening reception but the exhibition is open to the public. It would be best, however, if you called the gallery in advance of your visit, 212.947.6100. We are equipped with everything to make your visit safe and edifying.

Collaborative Concepts @ Tilly Foster Farm

100 Rte 312 Brewster, NY 10509

September 5-October 31, 2020

40 Artists on a 199 acre farm
Collaborative Concepts offers artists the freedom to create what they want, something grand, or silly, or experimental. It even gives them permission to fail.  Experimental art has always been encouraged at the Collaborative Concepts Sculpture show. 

My American Family at Tilly Foster Farm, PVC pipe, colored cement, rebar, dimensions variable.

This piece represent my family. My children are from Vietnam, Korea, and Brazil. We are presented on the colors of the American flag organized into a fence.

Collaborative Concepts

Enjoy major works of art in a timeless, pastoral setting.

This is our 15th annual sculpture exhibition on a Farm.

Collaborative Concepts brings together sculpture and installations by 40 participants on the rolling fields of the Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster. The  exhibition  presents  artists from the region, NYC  and Switzerland. You are also encouraged to visit any day of the week as the autumn colors change the backdrop of the art. 

The exhibition is free and can be viewed from 10am to 4pm, Sept. 5 through Oct. 31. There is parking and maps on site. 


Stay Safe, stay healthy

March 18, 2020

COVID 19 is taking its toll, many shows I am in have been cancelled.

That said, (s)mother at Bethany Art Center is postponed.

Open Studios 2020 in Peekskill is still planned.

Ceres Group Show: EVERYWOMAN KNOWS June 23-July 18 is still scheduled.

All my teaching is probably cancelled through June. I am home and in my studio working!


OFF Balance


March 5-30, 2019
Reception March 7, 6-8pm

Ceres Gallery
547 West 27th Street #201
New York, NY 10001


OFF Balance

“Instability of one’s mind or feelings.”
“A condition in which different elements are not equal or in the correct proportions.”

This body of work represents a balancing act between overtly feminine forms and iconic ones. The pieces are not even, stable, or correctly proportioned. They are vulnerable and fragile in appearance with imagery evoking bones, trees, totems, and fertility figures.

Line rather than mass is the predominant consideration in this work. Inspiration is informed by the work of Modigliani and Matisse. All the pieces are made with light weight materials balanced at their tipping point.

In this exhibition, Brody explores papièr maché and the addition of color as well as continuing with her cement work. The papièr maché torsos are remade from previous work, reshaped, reimagined with thinner faces, arms/hands, and more acute angles. By manipulating the figures and distorting them, the women grow stronger and emotionally truer.

Brody’s typical vocabulary includes elongated figures grouped. The cement figures are intended to create a “forest of women.” For the past several decades, Brody has worked with series of figures echoing her fascination with the society and place of women.

All the work is done as an emotional and instinctive response to the world. The figures cannot be explained intellectually; they grow from their act of creation. Brody works in a light weight cement and in papièr maché with found magazine imagery and mulberry paper.

Art is an island of repose in the every more challenging world of current affairs.

Jo-Ann Brody, 2019

installation shots from the gallery.


Fall Events

Collaborative Concepts at Saunders Farm

853 Old Albany Post Road
Garrison NY 10524




Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden

April 21-October 27, 2018
28 Deveau Road
North Salem NY 10560





Culture Confronts Chaos

An exhibition created to address social, political, and/or environmental issues (using black, white, and grey) in response to an invitation from IN_Question 

(The members of In_Question are Marcy B. freedman, Carla Rae Johnson, and Mary McFerran.)

September 10-November 28, 2018
Westchester Community College
27 North Division St.
Peekskill NY 10566

HiContrast In Progress


The Doll Show

October 30-November 24, 2018
Ceres Gallery
547 West 27th St. Suite 201
New York, NY 10001

In Progress



Work in Cement and Paper Mache

March 5-March 30, 2019
Ceres Gallery
547 West 27th St. Suite 201
New York, NY 10001



Spring/ Summer 2018


Sculpture in the Garden, Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden

28 Deveau Road North Salem, NY 10560-2115
914-669-5033 http://www.hammondmuseum.org

April – October 2018

Open Studios

Truck Stop Gallery

Central Ave, Peekskill NY 10566

June 2–3, 2018 noon-5pm Rain or Shine


Ceres Gallery Booth

The Heart of the Meat Packing District, NY, NY

May 3-6, 2018


Saunders Farm, 2018

853 Old Albany Post Road, Garrison NY 105

September 1 – October 28, 2018