Month: March 2016


WORD  Art in Word : Word in Art
February 27 – July 21, 2016
Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art

Word Wall/Words of Rage was created 3 years ago as part of a solo exhibition Scar Tissue at Ceres Gallery, NYC. The act of creation was cathartic. The piece was expanded for WORD  in a museum setting; more torsos and words were added almost doubling the piece in size; rage returned!

Clay torsos, words on the reverse in red glaze: An exploration of the issues in Brody’s life; from illness, being “the good daughter,” to divorce and moving on. The words include musings about life, family, and aging.  Brody’s practice involves clay and the female body. Her words include mantras said frequently to allay the clenching in the gut foreshadowing panic. This is the third iteration of the wind chime/mobile—the first being about female goddesses, the second about being female and this. The shards represent the fragility of both clay and life.

Brody merges her clay figures with calligraphy in these pieces. She studied for several years with the master calligrapher Lloyd J. Reynolds and also makes traditional books in clay.

This installation is 10 x 8 feet. There are 70 hanging torsos or various size.

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